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Our story

or what happens when learning is in full swing

Asociația Părinți în Dialog started in 2016 the transformation from the grassroots, into the Romanian education system.

First, we dreamed together (7 families, 3 teachers and a teenager), about a school that would make possible the joy, empathy, collaboration, creativity and close connection with real life for each child.

Backed by experiential pedagogy and nonviolent communication, experience in non-formal education at the Babel Language Center, with much enthusiasm and hard work, we made possible our first project: the authorization of Babel Elementary School.

Ever since, Asociația Părinți în Dialog has received other teachers and parents, has managed to reach teachers from all over the country and has developed new projects for children and parents from Timisoara. Meanwhile, Babel Elementary School has become the Babel High School, and the number of families who have supported this innovative project in Timisoara has increased from 11 (2016) to 180 (2021).

They inspires us
and we work together

Locally: Asociația Învățătorilor Bănățeni, NGO InEdu, Educația la Sat, Hambarul cu carte, Centrul Cultural Ambasada, Faber, Greenfeel, Fundația Comunitară Timișoara, Școala de Circ, Librarul cu Papion, the Consulate of the Netherlands in Timisoara


Nationally: Asociația pentru Comunicare Nonviolenta (ACNV), the Belgian Chamber of Commerce (members since 2020), we represent the Belgian Chamber of Commerce in the Coalition for the Development of Romania - Education task force, Asociația Școlilor Zburd, Asociația pentru Valori în Educație (AVE)


International: ADR Vlaanderen, Romanian-Belgian Forum, Center for Wellness and Involvement - Tweemonds Netherlands, Center for Experiential Learning at the University of Leuven - CEGO Belgium, Nonviolent Communication in Education Network, Democratic School of Amsterdam, Backa Friskola (Sweden), Wilma van Esch, Penny Vine

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